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At Preferred Avionics, we are authorized Dealers for all the leading manufacturers in the general aviation industry. We are qualified installers specializing in avionics upgrades & overhauls with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience installing many types of avionics equipment.

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Custom Laser Marked Wires

Included on each new install , wires clearly laser marked, in-house, at no additional charge.

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Custom Designed Wiring Prints

Included with each new install you will receive customized wiring prints detailing the newly installed equipment. These are personalized to your install and are supplied to you upon completion of your new install, at no additional charge to you.

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Custom Designed Instrument Panel

together we design a new or re-cut instrument panel. You also have the choice to customize the paint color by choosing from a large number of powder coated paint colors.

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We want to point out that these specialized services set us apart from our competitors! Give us a call today to discuss your new install: 800-736-6143.

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